Leila Jeffreys photographer and a great lover of birds. She was born in Sydney and from childhood was a different animal. It saved and healed. Then she began photographing them. The series is dedicated to parrots Cockatoo of Australia.









parrots-leila-jeffreys- 02


parrots-leila-jeffreys- 03


parrots-leila-jeffreys- 04


parrots-leila-jeffreys- 05


parrots-leila-jeffreys- 06


parrots-leila-jeffreys- 07


parrots-leila-jeffreys- 08


parrots-leila-jeffreys- 09


parrots-leila-jeffreys- 10


parrots-leila-jeffreys- 11


parrots-leila-jeffreys- 12


parrots-leila-jeffreys- 13

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