Polar bears are considered extremely dangerous animals. But the American photographer Steven Kazlovski found out that in addition to the huge paws with sharp claws in their arsenal there are such qualities as curiosity and kindness. Let’s look at some wonderful shots of polar bears.



closeup-shots-of-polar-bears- 02


closeup-shots-of-polar-bears- 03


closeup-shots-of-polar-bears- 04


closeup-shots-of-polar-bears- 05


closeup-shots-of-polar-bears- 06


closeup-shots-of-polar-bears- 07


closeup-shots-of-polar-bears- 08


closeup-shots-of-polar-bears- 09


closeup-shots-of-polar-bears- 10


closeup-shots-of-polar-bears- 11


closeup-shots-of-polar-bears- 12


closeup-shots-of-polar-bears- 13


closeup-shots-of-polar-bears- 14

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