View the Australian birds Gouldian Finch was first described by the British zoologist. Gould in 1844. John Gould described the only species, considering certain types of birds. But today, it is known that they freely interbreed and produce the most varied offspring. Females are paler than males. Found in Australia where they choose the most moist area. Unfortunately, this kind of birds are endangered species. Watch.







bright-bird-of-australia-gouldian-finch- 02


bright-bird-of-australia-gouldian-finch- 03


bright-bird-of-australia-gouldian-finch- 04


bright-bird-of-australia-gouldian-finch- 05


bright-bird-of-australia-gouldian-finch- 06


bright-bird-of-australia-gouldian-finch- 07


bright-bird-of-australia-gouldian-finch- 08

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