Creative Meals for Positive People

creative-meals-for-positive-people- 12

As a rule, every morning we do not want to get out from under the warm blankets and have a desire to sleep five more minutes before starting to assemble. But what can make the painting morning positive charge and excellent mood for the whole day? Of course breakfast. Norwegian artist Ida Skivenes Photographer and embodies their original ideas as food for morning meals. We offer a selection of her most creative work.





creative-meals-for-positive-people- 12

creative-meals-for-positive-people- 17

creative-meals-for-positive-people- 16

creative-meals-for-positive-people- 15

creative-meals-for-positive-people- 03

creative-meals-for-positive-people- 14

creative-meals-for-positive-people- 05

creative-meals-for-positive-people- 06

creative-meals-for-positive-people- 07

creative-meals-for-positive-people- 04

creative-meals-for-positive-people- 08

creative-meals-for-positive-people- 09

creative-meals-for-positive-people- 10

creative-meals-for-positive-people- 11

creative-meals-for-positive-people- 13

creative-meals-for-positive-people- 18

creative-meals-for-positive-people- 01

creative-meals-for-positive-people- 02


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