New Living Doll Alina Kovalevskaya

new-living-doll-alina-kovalevskaya- 01

You can already say that Ukraine is a country living Barbie dolls. After the Internet about Valerie Lukianov and Anastasia, it is time to ascend the stage a live doll meet Alina Kovalevskaya. Living in Odessa, in the same city as the above two Internet star, Alina Kovalevskaya was able to attract quite an impressive number of fans once published a number of his photos on which it is embodied in the image of the doll. Image dolls implies doing several layers of makeup especially around the eyes to make them unusually large and posing as a lifeless doll.



Now, that’s a recipe for success tried all seven live Barbie dolls from Odessa, who use the same tricks, a photo shoot in the same places in the city and even sometimes appear on each others photos. Despite the fact that it is often called just another clone of the internationally known Valerie Lukianov, Alina claims it differs from all other Barbie. She said that similar to the popular doll from nature, with large eyes, small nose and small, but full lips. And yet, it is obvious that she uses tons of makeup to accentuate their dignity as any other living Barbie doll from KotaKoti, Vanilla.


new-living-doll-alina-kovalevskaya- 01

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