Creative Photography for Your Baby

creative-photography-for-your-baby- 02

Mother of three sons Khouini Liao is confident that babies see colorful dreams. When the youngest son falls asleep, Khouini creates out of toys and clothes for your photos. The project is called “Vengenn in Wonderland” and carries a sleeping baby in his mother invented a fabulous adventure. Pleasant viewing:).






creative-photography-for-your-baby- 01

creative-photography-for-your-baby- 02

creative-photography-for-your-baby- 03

creative-photography-for-your-baby- 04

creative-photography-for-your-baby- 05

creative-photography-for-your-baby- 06

creative-photography-for-your-baby- 07

creative-photography-for-your-baby- 08

creative-photography-for-your-baby- 09

creative-photography-for-your-baby- 10

creative-photography-for-your-baby- 11

creative-photography-for-your-baby- 12

creative-photography-for-your-baby- 13

creative-photography-for-your-baby- 14

creative-photography-for-your-baby- 15

creative-photography-for-your-baby- 16

creative-photography-for-your-baby- 17

creative-photography-for-your-baby- 18


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