The Flat Car in the World Sold for $ 15000

the-flat-car-in-the-world-sold-for-$-15000- 01

In England in early December was listed on the flat in the world car design of Perry Watkins. Its height is 19 inches, 1 inch 2.5 cm, so it is easy to calculate the height of 40 centimeters of wheel barrows. And began his work Perry Watkins back in 1999, with 24 inches (60 centimeters), permanently reducing collector to current levels by the year 2007.



The machine is listed in the official Guinness Book of records, has 875 horsepower, 4-cylinder engine and Turbo. The starting price was $ 15,000, and the ultimate $ 15.675 (that’s if you convert pounds to dollars).

the-flat-car-in-the-world-sold-for-$-15000- 01

 the-flat-car-in-the-world-sold-for-$-15000- 02

the-flat-car-in-the-world-sold-for-$-15000- 03

the-flat-car-in-the-world-sold-for-$-15000- 04

the-flat-car-in-the-world-sold-for-$-15000- 05

the-flat-car-in-the-world-sold-for-$-15000- 06


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