At the Geneva International Motor Show there are many Super cars. But many aspirated waited debut of another car is the successor to the celebrated Ferrari Enzo. Meet Ferrari LaFerrari. Stylish and rapid appearance of car designer creations by Flavio Manzoni. In the debugging settings pendants attended the famous formula 1 drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa.Base model is a monocoque made of four types of carbon fiber formula 1 technology.

External panels are made from composite materials. The rear axle is 59% mass and the superstructure integrated non-adjustable seats (adjust the steering column and pedals) and lithium-ion battery unit (located in the floor panels). The torsion rigidity compared with Enzo
grew by 27%. Shock absorbers are active, with magnet liquid and dual sliding


 laferrari-at-the-geneva-motor-show- 02

 laferrari-at-the-geneva-motor-show- 03

 laferrari-at-the-geneva-motor-show- 04

 laferrari-at-the-geneva-motor-show- 05

 laferrari-at-the-geneva-motor-show- 06

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