Photographer Vanessa Dualib from Brazil, is the author of creative photographs showing the usual for us products in a different, quite amusing. His favorite pastime she refers to as “funtography”, thereby making it clear that their photos she wanted to just bring a smile. We offer you some very interesting works by Vanessa Dualib and are confident that they will cause your smile and will cheer up in the middle of the work week.



vegetable-animal-art- 02


vegetable-animal-art- 03


vegetable-animal-art- 04


vegetable-animal-art- 05


vegetable-animal-art- 06


vegetable-animal-art- 07


vegetable-animal-art- 08


vegetable-animal-art- 09


vegetable-animal-art- 10


vegetable-animal-art- 11


vegetable-animal-art- 12


vegetable-animal-art- 13


vegetable-animal-art- 14


vegetable-animal-art- 15

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