We start with one of the earliest festivals in the ice art season, a fantastic celebration of frozen sculpture in one of Europe’s most picturesque cities. If you’re looking for a winter holiday in an exotic location then this could be the one for you. When you get there you’ll find the festival is spread out in locations across the world. There are hundreds of great sculptures to be discovered so make sure you’ve got plenty of memory on your camera.





snow-and-ice-sculpture-festival- 01

snow-and-ice-sculpture-festival- 02

snow-and-ice-sculpture-festival- 03

snow-and-ice-sculpture-festival- 04

snow-and-ice-sculpture-festival- 05

snow-and-ice-sculpture-festival- 06

snow-and-ice-sculpture-festival- 07

snow-and-ice-sculpture-festival- 08

snow-and-ice-sculpture-festival- 09

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