In Harbin International Festival of Snow Sculptures

in-harbin-international-festival-of-snow-sculptures- 04

In Harbin (China) and is preparing for the largest international festival of snow sculptures Art Expo, which officially opens on January 5, 2014 26-th time. Teams from China, Russia, Finland, the United States, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries have initiated amazing sculptures, the largest of which will reach epic proportions-117 meters wide and 26 meters in height. The exhibition area covers 600,000 m².Winter exhibition, whose theme this year is “Snow, able to breathe”, is completed at the end of February, when the jury will evaluate the works teams and will announce the winners in several categories.



in-harbin-international-festival-of-snow-sculptures- 01

in-harbin-international-festival-of-snow-sculptures- 02

in-harbin-international-festival-of-snow-sculptures- 03

in-harbin-international-festival-of-snow-sculptures- 04

in-harbin-international-festival-of-snow-sculptures- 05

in-harbin-international-festival-of-snow-sculptures- 06

in-harbin-international-festival-of-snow-sculptures- 07


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