Sculptures from the Cardboard

sculptures-from-the-cardboard- 16

Chris with the aid of the only the cardboard and the glue of  the improbable sculptures, to which are necessary no supports and bodies. The selection of objects for the reproduction is absolutely by chance, from the domestic clocks and the printed machine, to large in the dimensions of automobile Fiat 500 and motor scooter Of lambretta.



sculptures-from-the-cardboard- 01

sculptures-from-the-cardboard- 02

sculptures-from-the-cardboard- 03

sculptures-from-the-cardboard- 04

sculptures-from-the-cardboard- 05

sculptures-from-the-cardboard- 06

sculptures-from-the-cardboard- 07

sculptures-from-the-cardboard- 08

sculptures-from-the-cardboard- 09

sculptures-from-the-cardboard- 10

sculptures-from-the-cardboard- 11

sculptures-from-the-cardboard- 12

sculptures-from-the-cardboard- 13

sculptures-from-the-cardboard- 14

sculptures-from-the-cardboard- 15

sculptures-from-the-cardboard- 16


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