All children love to play with your food. someone builds castles and moats of the paps, someone just smears on a plate. But it was a ready-made meal. The one who was able to get to the source, I saw that the material for the game much more and it is more interesting. Among these personalities of Brazilian photographer Vanessa Dualib.








playing-with-your-food- 02


playing-with-your-food- 03


playing-with-your-food- 04


playing-with-your-food- 05


playing-with-your-food- 06


playing-with-your-food- 07


playing-with-your-food- 08


playing-with-your-food- 09


playing-with-your-food- 10


playing-with-your-food- 11


playing-with-your-food- 12


playing-with-your-food- 13


playing-with-your-food- 14


playing-with-your-food- 15

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