Syra Yousuf Lawn Collection Photoshoot


Just after enjoying a happy period after her marriage, it seems like Syra Yousuf is now back into the field with more power, new look and better versatility. It is now that Syra is seen in an advertisement as well and recently she did a photoshoot for the lawn collection, becoming a brand ambassador for the launch. As suggested by the designer, the color contrast and the theme is much near to the funky collection and has been called the colors of 2013.

Syra, in her short hair looks quite pretty in the contemporary yet traditional out fits. The shoot seems to be held at a ship where the background further, is adding extra weightage to the shoot.



syra-yousuf-lawn-collection-photoshoot- 02


syra-yousuf-lawn-collection-photoshoot- 03


syra-yousuf-lawn-collection-photoshoot- 04


syra-yousuf-lawn-collection-photoshoot- 05


syra-yousuf-lawn-collection-photoshoot- 06


syra-yousuf-lawn-collection-photoshoot- 07


syra-yousuf-lawn-collection-photoshoot- 08


syra-yousuf-lawn-collection-photoshoot- 09


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