Here is a stunning photo shoot of Sana with Maliha’s Jewelry by Munna Mushtq. Maliha’s jewellery collection 2013 for ladies was revealed recently via a photo shoot. It includes earrings and necklaces for women mostly. Maliha’s Jewelry Designs 2013 is suitable for wearing with party wear and casual wear outfits.



sana-photoshoot-by-munna-mushtaq- 02


sana-photoshoot-by-munna-mushtaq- 03


sana-photoshoot-by-munna-mushtaq- 04


sana-photoshoot-by-munna-mushtaq- 05


sana-photoshoot-by-munna-mushtaq- 06


sana-photoshoot-by-munna-mushtaq- 07


sana-photoshoot-by-munna-mushtaq- 08


sana-photoshoot-by-munna-mushtaq- 09

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