Telephone With Their Hands for 200 Dollars

telephone-with-their-hands-for-200-dollars- 01

One of the creators of the Arduino hardware platform, David Mellis, proposed a novel solution for lovers stand out from the crowd. Here are two drawings that can single handily make a mobile phone. The heart of the apparatus will be the Board Arduino Shield GSM, which contains everything you need to construct a regular mobile phone. The author states that the device will require about 200 United States dollars.



In the photos below you can see the first device of the Arduino platform.


telephone-with-their-hands-for-200-dollars- 01

telephone-with-their-hands-for-200-dollars- 02

telephone-with-their-hands-for-200-dollars- 03

telephone-with-their-hands-for-200-dollars- 04

telephone-with-their-hands-for-200-dollars- 05

telephone-with-their-hands-for-200-dollars- 06

telephone-with-their-hands-for-200-dollars- 07


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