Sony Xperia M2

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Xperia M2 is an update to last year’s model Xperia M. Unit received a solid appearance, but it is not the most popular characteristics, so it is cheaper champions. Screen size of 4.8 inches and is, by modern standards, a compromise between ease of use and wear.



Unlike Xperia Z2 machine is not made of metal and glass, mainly of plastic material. This does not prevent him look quite decent. Build quality is not of the highest class, but very good. The front and rear panels M2 is flat, the housing has a rectangular cross section. Its thickness is 8.6 mm.


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The back cover is covered with clear plastic, like glass, but unlike plastic glass quite easily scratched, so the usefulness of such simulation is questionable. Fortunately, the front panel is protected by a real Gorilla Glass 3, which will scratch is not easy. Except for materials developers Sony saved on waterproofing housing. Although card slots and Sims closed with rubber caps it does not guarantee anything, smartphone will be protected from water. Middle right end has a lock button.

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Xperia M2 used in not the most powerful, but economical 4-core Snapdragon processor 400 with a clock speed of 1.2 GHz. RAM is 1 GB, and 8 GB of permanent expandable by another 32 GB memory card. Smartphone supports high-speed networks LTE. The kit also includes interfaces Wi-Fi 802.11n, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth 4.0, and NFC. There are GPS / GLONASS receivers. Multimedia speaker one, the sound quality is not impressive.

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