Preliminary Review of the New More Powerful Camera Lytro


Most of our readers, of course, remember the sensational camera Lytro. This interesting device was first introduced in 2011, and went on sale in 2012. The authors decided not to rest on our laurels and presented an improved version of the camera, called Lytro Illum. Lytro appearance was formalized powerful public relations company, promising a breakthrough in the field of photography.

From the very first glance Lytro Illum, really creates a sense of professional devices, but with a somewhat ahead of its time design. Flat housing looks especially against the backdrop of a massive miniature lens. At last we can see the two rotary ring that adds similarities with priychnoy SLR. For convenience, there is a classical hold handle on the right side. It also includes a shutter release and a special button Lytro, which will help to control the depth of field. To it we’ll be back later. The case itself has a beveled relative to the lens geometry. At the rear is turning 4-inch display with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.




The camera uses real plenoptic principle rather than simulates 3D-effect with a few consecutive frames. Surely the reader interested in resolution of the matrix, but megapixels classic to unique optical sensor Lytro Illum applied incorrectly. The manufacturer claims that the camera can capture 40 million light rays (the first Lytro – 11 million rays). In fact it gives the equivalent of about 5 megapixels when printing photos. The physical size of the matrix – 1 inch. Mechanical shutter in the camera and very fast – the minimum shutter speed is 1/4000 seconds. This further contributes to the qualitative survey of dynamic scenes.





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