Pentax X-5 Digital Camera


The company announced the imminent release of Pentax digital camera Pentax X-5. The camera offers optical 26h zoom lens: focal lengths vary from 22.3 mm to super telephoto 580 mm (35 mm format equivalent). The camera also allows you to take pictures of miniature items, close-up focus distance of 1 cm. Pentax X-5 is equipped with BSI CMOS sensor with an effective resolution of 16 megapixels, which demonstrates the sensitivity of ISO 6400.

The camera has a dual image stabilization system, which consists of the original Pentax SR system based on shear matrix and digital stabilization mode SR. hybrid system ensures sharp and nesmazannyh shots even in difficult shooting situations. A special mode of shooting night scenes without a tripod will allow the photographer to do sharp and high quality images.

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The camera is powered by four AA-AA items that can be purchased almost everywhere. X-5 can do about 330 shots using regular alkaline batteries. International release is planned for September, the United States suggested price is $279,95. In Russia the novelty will appear in October 2012, and will be presented in two color finishes-Silver and black.

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