Pentax LX Gold Camera


Pentax let out the exclusive, unique, legendary camera of pentax LX Gold, which wholly consists of pure gold.

gold-camera- (1)

In the complete set with the gold camera was delivered the gold objective SMC pentax of 50mm of f 1.2. was packed into the refined box from the expensive types of tree, intra upholstering from the red velvet, and in the addition white silk gloves,

 gold-camera- (2)

gold-camera- (3)

gold-camera- (4)

It is known that at the moment of sale of the first copy of pentax LX gold its cost was $3700. Today is called price into $9220, taking into account inflation. But in reality, the collection model of the gold camera Of pentax LX Of gold costs considerably more expensive than the sum indicated.

 gold-camera- (5)



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