Nokia Officially Unveiled the First Android Based Smartphones


Nokia has unveiled the Nokia Smartphone Nokia X X + and Nokia XL running on Android. Smartphones using the so-called “fork” Android, i.e., a modified version of the operating system, based on the source code for Android. Such tricks are for manufacturers introduce branded chips in the operating system, but is closed for access to many Google services, including Google Play store.


Instead of Google services on Nokia smartphones X used by Nokia and Microsoft Outlook mail client: file storage OneDrive and maps Here. The standard app store is Nokia Store. Devices Nokia X and X + are the same 4-inch screens, dual-core processors, 512 MB of RAM and a 3-megapixel cameras. The difference between X and X + is only to increase the permanent memory of the latter. Nokia XL has a 5-inch screen and a 5-megapixel camera. Nokia X in Europe will cost 89 euros, while Nokia X + and XL-99 and 109 respectively. By the way, the official price in Russia, Nokia X is $ 4999. Ruble-denominated prices of other devices are not yet known.





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