The long awaited announcement was Apple’s flagship Smartphone iPhone 5S. Changes quite a lot, but perhaps only three Visual. There is a new version of the color Corps is golden, dual LED Flash and what nearly a year gadalo is the Internet community is a fingerprint reader on the Home button. The scanner memorizes up to 5 fingerprints, allowing you to create 5 accounts for different users. “Hidden” CPU changes, now is the new Apple A7, which promises to double performance boost, as well as support for Open GL technology, which was the big bet.





flagship-smartphone-iPhone-5S- 02


flagship-smartphone-iPhone-5S- 03


flagship-smartphone-iPhone-5S- 04


flagship-smartphone-iPhone-5S- 05


flagship-smartphone-iPhone-5S- 06


flagship-smartphone-iPhone-5S- 07


flagship-smartphone-iPhone-5S- 08

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