Hollywood Dolls Noel Cruz


Filipino artist Noel Cruz is the acknowledged master in painting the dolls. His creations are remarkably similar to human beings, “copies” of Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Robert Pattinson and other celebrities are created from ordinary dolls Barbie. Born into a poor family noel had nothing except a desire to draw.

As early as 16 years old self taught artist painted portraits to order. Passion puppets have appeared since moving to the United States. This lesson was not out of the ordinary, but Cruz didn’t surrender to difficulties. After eight years of strenuous workouts and thousands of little cartoon dolls artist has reached not only the tops of professionalism, but also became famous.



hollywood-dolls-noel-cruz- 02


hollywood-dolls-noel-cruz- 03


hollywood-dolls-noel-cruz- 04


hollywood-dolls-noel-cruz- 05


hollywood-dolls-noel-cruz- 06


hollywood-dolls-noel-cruz- 07


hollywood-dolls-noel-cruz- 08


hollywood-dolls-noel-cruz- 09


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