41 year old American actress Gwyneth Paltrow took part in a photo shoot for the December issue of the journal the Red. Having trusted the photographer Max Abadian collaborating with such famous magazines like Elle, Glamor, Flare, Shape and others.






gwyneth-paltrow-in-a-photo-shoot-for-red- 01

gwyneth-paltrow-in-a-photo-shoot-for-red- 02

gwyneth-paltrow-in-a-photo-shoot-for-red- 03

gwyneth-paltrow-in-a-photo-shoot-for-red- 04

gwyneth-paltrow-in-a-photo-shoot-for-red- 05

gwyneth-paltrow-in-a-photo-shoot-for-red- 06

gwyneth-paltrow-in-a-photo-shoot-for-red- 07

gwyneth-paltrow-in-a-photo-shoot-for-red- 08

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