Wrist Pain Treatment


What is Wrist Pain:

Wrist pain is any pain or discomfort in the wrist. Wrist pain is a common complaint. Many types of wrist pain are caused by sudden injuries that result in sprains or fractures. But wrist pain also can be caused by more long-term problems such as repetitive stress, arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.


Symptoms of Wrist Pain:

The symptoms of wrist pain vary, depending on what the cause is. If you’re displaying any of the symptoms below, carpal tunnel syndrome may be the cause of the problem.

• Aching, tingling, burning or numbness is your wrist, hand, fingers and thumb
• Pain that radiates toward your elbow
• Difficulty grasping or holding things
• Difficulty typing or using a mouse

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Causes of Wrist Pain:

Repeated use of the arm or wrist in an awkward position.

* Falling and landing on an out stretched arm. This is a common cause of a wrist fracture.

* Swelling of the wrist. This can compress the median nerve as it passes through the carpal tunnel.

* Postural strain (improper position when sitting reaching).wrist-pain-treatment- 03

Home Remedies for Wrist Pain:

* Stop using your wrists so much. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it. However, you’d be surprised at how many persons continue to type away, or engage in activities that put a strain on their wrists.

* Stop using your wrist so much. Sound simple enough.

* If you believe your wrist pain may be repetitive strain injury, you may want to use good brand bandage to brace it.

* Drink water. Yes another home remedy believed too simple to work. You’ll be surprised what ailments drinking extra water will thwart or help alleviate. Water is a great lubricator for the body.

* If you suspect it is arthritis, then follow the instructions on the medicine bottle.

* The little more exotic home remedy for wrist pain A peppermint oil rub.

* Take plenty of breaks from activities that aggravate the pain. When typing, stop often to rest the hands, if only for a moment. Rest your hands on their sides, not the wrists.

* Over the counter pain medications like ibuprofen or naproxen can relieve pain and swelling.

* Make sure that you also rest the joint adequately. Both rest and exercise are important when you have arthritis.

* Try the exercises after a hot bath or shower so that your wrist is warmed up and less stiff.

* Usage of a wrist pad with your pc mouse and/or keyboard may help a little. However, do not continuously lean on this pad for support.

* Eat cherries or drink cherry juice. This is highly recommended for people with gout pain.



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