How to Treat Burns


Skin Burn:

Excessive heat can burn the skin. If a high temperature is too long on a skin surface, the heat can not be distributed fast enough in the rest of the body, resulting in a breakdown of tissues exposed to heat.

Burns are a very common injury. Minor burns will heal without much medical attention, but severe burns require special care to prevent infection and reduce the severity of scarring. So, it is important to understand what kind of burn you have in order to determine the best treatment. Burns are classified according to severity.

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Skin Burn Causes:

There are various causes that can lead to burns :
• High heat, fire
• Intense friction (eg, the shoes can cause blisters, which are small burns)
• Electricity, Lightning
• Liquid or hot objects
• Hot steam
• UV (sun, solarium)
• Radioactivity

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Home Remedies for Burns:

* The first and foremost thing that you should do is to apply ice on the affected area. If ice is not available, you can dip the area in chilled water or put it in running water.

* Apply honey to the wound after washing the wound thoroughly. This will prevent infection and heal the wound.

* Apply calendula gel directly to the burned area as often as necessary to relieve the pain. The gel helps in supporting your skin’s natural moisture layer which has been severely damaged and dried out from the burn.

* Cut some fresh aloe vera leaves and place it on the burnt body part so that the wound heals quickly. Once this happens, break a capsule of vitamin E and pour out its contents on the wound. This will prevent scarring.

* Apple cider vinegar seems to almost be a cure all, it was often used on burns to. It will stop the pain and even help keep the burn from blistering and scarring.

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* Egg white is also very effective in treatment of skin burn. Apply egg white over affected skin and leave it there for few minutes.

* For a minor burn milk was used, either by soaking the burned area in a bowl of milk or applying a cloth soaked in milk.

* Take vitamin E needed to prevent scarring.

* Onion is also an effective home remedy in curing the skin burn. Cut a onion in half and put it over the burnt skin.

* Papaya pulp is also effective in treatment of skin burn. Enzymes present in the papaya heal the skin and remove the dead cells.


  1. I had a massive oil splash burn on my thumb a while ago. I submerged it in cold water from the fridge, changing it when it warmed up a bit. It developed a huge blister and my colleagues offered to do an old nurses trick. You get some clean cotton, sterilize a needle and pierce the blister, leaving the thread in to absorb the serous ooze of the blister until the blister deflates. Needless to say, I declined that offer. It eventually popped and I kept the skin over the too new skin. Then I put on Bio Oil. It’s good as new.


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