How to Cure Vomiting

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What is Vomiting:

Vomiting is a forceful discharge of stomach contents. Vomiting can be a one-time event linked to something that doesn’t settle right in the stomach. Recurrent vomiting may be attributed to numerous underlying medical conditions. Frequent vomiting may also lead to dehydration. This is a potentially deadly condition when left untreated.



Regurgitation is a different condition from vomiting and the term regurgitation usually means expulsion of the undigested food from the food pipe or esophagus into the mouth, with none of the forceful expulsion or discomfort that is associated with nausea. The two conditions are different as are their underlying causes.


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Vomiting Symptom:

* Involuntary expulsion of food from mouth and nose.

* Increased saliva.

* Dizziness.

* Light headedness.

* Difficulty in swallowing food or liquid.

* Changes in skin temperature.

* Increase in heartbeat rate.

* Increased sensitivity to certain smells.

* Changes in the taste of some foods.

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Causes of Vomiting:

Some common causes of this symptom include

* Food poisoning
* Indigestion
* Infections
* Motion sickness
* Pregnancy related morning sickness
* Headaches
* Prescription medications
* Anesthesia
* Chemotherapy
* Crohn’s disease

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How to Prevent Vomiting:

1. Sit down or lie in a propped up position. Physical activity will make you feel worse.

2. Spicy food is not good.

3. Have a Popsicle or a similar sweetened ice treat.

4. Do not go to sleep immediately after taking meals.

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Remedies for Vomiting:

* Prepare peppermint tea and allow to cool.

* Eat a mixture of honey and powder of 2 roasted cardamoms.

* Have a glass of chilled lime juice.

* Slowly sip a glass of honey water.

* Have one tsp onion juice in regular interval.

* Slowly sip a glass of chilled cola, soft drinks, such as Sprite or 7 Up can also help settle the stomach.

* One can take 1 to 2 tablespoonful of non carbonated syrup.

* Take a piece of lemon and add some rock salt to it.

* Cumin seeds are also good.


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