Hands Care Tips And Homemade Remedies


Hands are most important part of body that has a great impact on someone’s personality. Usually workers and housewives don’t give time to their hands. Harsh routines, use of chemicals and temperature and frequent wetting are the factors that directly affects the hands. One should give proper manicure to hands to keep them soft and beautiful. Proper care of hands will protect your hands from splitting, peeling and cracking etc.




Homemade Remedies for Hands:

Homemade remedies for hands have no cost and are also useful for hands.

* First of all massage of hands is the best way to keep your hands warm and soft.

* Use lotion and cream of good quality and gently rub the back of your hand with the palm of other and similarly repeat the procedure for the other hand. This will stimulate the blood flow in the hands. Apply a cream to hands before going to bed and wear gloves.

* Wash the hands with soap of good quality in the morning, this will regenerate softness in your hands and keep them soft whole day.

* Apply olive oil and coconut oil on the hands after work and after washing utensils.

* Apply a mixture of rose water, glycerin and cucumber oil on the hands after doing housework or kitchen work.

* Lime water mixed with olive oil is also good and beneficial for the hands to keep them soft.


* Massages of honey is also good for hands.

* Take tomato paste and apply it on the hands before going to bed. This will give a shine to your hands.

* Massage with orange juice and honey is good for hands.

* One should scrub the hands with some homemade scrubber and apply some moisturizer to the hands.

* Lemon juice, lime water, sugar solution are the best solutions to keep the hands clean. These solutions will remove the dead line from hands that are formed due to work.

* Soak the hands with warm olive oil and massage with olive oil. In offices sometimes we find the work that can damage our hands. So it’s better to take care of hands at regular basis.

* A very special homemade remedy is that take one table spoon of bee wax and mix it with cocoa butter. Then cook this mixture for few minutes and add four table spoons of almond oil. Cool this mixture for some time and use it as a lotion for hands care and use it on regular basis. It will keep the hands beautiful and soft.

* Always massage hands daily before going to bed and in the morning you will feel youthful hands.


Hands are the most important part of personality because these always remains in contact of daily activities and obviously their beauty will got effected. So one should take care of hands during different activities. If one is not taking care of hands then it’s the first that shows the signs of aging to others.


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