Diarrhea Treatment


What is Diarrhea:

Diarrhea describes loose, watery stools that occur more frequently than usual. Diarrhea is something everyone experiences. Diarrhea often means more-frequent trips to the toilet and a greater volume of stool.

In most cases, diarrhea signs and symptoms usually last a couple of days. But sometimes diarrhea can last for weeks. In these situations, diarrhea can be a sign of a serious disorder, such as inflammatory bowel disease, or a less serious condition, such as irritable bowel syndrome.



Diarrhea Causes:

Viral infections, parasites or bacterial toxins result in diarrhea. This is usually caused by food poisoning, gastroenteritis, anxiety, excess alcohol, some foods or side effects from certain drugs. Diarrhea causes include unhygienic food, eating with unwashed hands, drinking unsafe water etc. Diarrhea is a viral and bacterial disease which can also be caused by taking milk or yogurt.

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Diarrhea Symptoms:

* Abdominal cramps

* Abdominal pain

* An urge to go to the toilet, sometimes this may be sudden

* Vomiting

* Nausea

* Temperature (fever)

* Headache

* Loss of appetite

* Fatigue

* Loose, watery stools

* Bloating

* Blood in stool

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Diarrhea Diet:

When it comes to treating or preventing diarrhea, diet is an important factor to consider. During (and shortly after) an acute bout of diarrhea, it’s important to replace lost fluids and electrolytes. Recovery from the ailment generally involves avoiding certain foods (such as most dairy products) and eating foods that are easy to digest (such as bananas, plain rice, and toast).


Diarrhea Remedies:

* The simplest remedy is to mix a teaspoon of salt with a teaspoon of sugar in a cup of warm water and sip this slowly.

* Tea: A very effective diarrhea remedy is to consume a strong cup of black tea without sugar.

* Banana: Bananas replace potassium levels which are depleted when you suffer from diarrhea.

* Buttermilk: Buttermilk is a very good diarrhea remedy.

* Grate one raw papaya. Add 3 cups water,boil for 10 mins, strain and finish the water in one day.

* Mint: Mix a teaspoon each of mint, lime juice and honey together. Give this mix three times a day.

* Nutmeg: Swallow a teaspoon of ground nutmeg.

* Orange Juice: Diluting orange juice with some water, and adding some salt to it, makes a hydrating drink.

* Coconut water: This is a very hydrating and restorative drink.


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