Acne Treatment


What is Acne:

There’s a reason it’s called “common acne” nearly everyone suffers from pimple outbreak at some point in life. Acne is a disease that involves the oil glands of the skin. It is not dangerous, but can leave skin scars. Your skin has pores (tiny holes) which connect to oil glands located under the skin. The glands are connected to the pores via follicles – small canals. Sebum, an oily liquid, is produced by these glands. The sebum carries dead skin cells through the follicles to the surface of your skin.

Acne commonly starts during puberty between the ages of 10 and 13 and tends to be worse in people with oily skin. Teenage acne usually lasts for five to 10 years, normally going away during the early 20s. Acne lesions are most common on the face, but they can also occur on the neck, chest, back, shoulders, and upper arms.

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Acne Symptoms:

If you have mild or moderate acne, you may have greasy skin and spots (whiteheads or blackheads) on your face, back and chest. Most spots will not cause any other symptoms. Sometimes, spots that have become inflamed and infected (pustules, nodules and cysts) may be painful.

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Causes of Acne:

Nobody is completely sure what causes acne. Experts believe the primary cause is a rise in androgen levels androgen is a type of hormone. Rising androgen levels make the oil glands under your skin grow, the enlarged gland produces more oil. Excessive sebum can break down cellular walls in your pores, causing bacteria to grow.

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Acne Remedies:

1. Drink plenty of water at least 2 liters per  day.

2. A cleansing product or soap a person could use Tea Tree Oil.

3. Use fresh mint juice to apply on your Acne face.

4. Strawberry leaves can also help to reduce the pimple swelling.

5. Boiling water with three tea bags and Basil.  Use a cotton ball to put this mixture on the adult acne.

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6. Even the milk that you drink is useful as a home remedy for acne. Blend nutmeg with milk and you have a powerful paste to zap those pimple away.

7. Apply egg whites to the acne and remove in a couple of hours.

8. Mix turmeric powder with some mint juice before applying on the acne. Wash it off with clean, lukewarm water after about 30 mins.

9. Soak lettuce leaves in water and use the water to wash the face.

10. Make a paste with cucumber before using it as a facial mask. Leave the mask on for 30 mins daily. Doing this will prevent acne from breaking out.

11. Good daily exercises.

12. Avoid fatty food.


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