How to Put on Lip Liner


Lip liner gives lips a neatly defined edge and can be used to help your lips stand out a major benefit since they are one of the first features that people recognize in others. It also provides a nice guide for lipstick application and can help keep your lipstick from bleeding or fading fast. Lip liner is very important for any lip color you wear. You might not think so, but it has a significant purpose for keeping the color from feathering, or wearing out past the lines of your lips, and it can also keep the color looking vibrant all day.

Learning to apply lip liner and understanding why it’s important can be tough! If you don’t understand anything about applying lip liner or why you might need it, don’t worry ladies, I’ve got the top reason on why to apply lip liner at all! I promise, it is so worth the read.


How to apply lip liner Correctly:

Step 1:
* Before beginning to apply lip liner, you should ALWAYS give your lip liner pencil a quick sharpen. This is to not only ensure clean lines, but will remove bacteria which can reside on lip liner from previous uses.
Step 2:
* For plumper lips, the lip liner will be applied to the outside edge of your natural lip line. Do the reverse (ie, draw slightly within your lip line) for the opposite effect.
Step 3:
* Start at the V-shape at the center of your top upper lip. For a softer look, you can make the V more rounded. You will soon find the shape which looks most appealing to you. Some women like to highlight the V shape, while others like to round it off.


Step 4:
* Beginning at the top of each V, angle the pencil down across your lip line to the corner of your mouth. Try to connect with the corner of your mouth, rather than following the line of your lip.
Step 5:
* Placing the pencil at the lowest point on your bottom lip, now repeat this angled drawing process towards the corner of the your mouth.
Step 6:
* To give a solid base to your lipstick, lightly color in your whole lip surface.


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