How to Make Small Eyes Look Bigger with Eye Liner

how-to-make-small-eyes-look-bigger-with-eye-liner- (1)

Here are some steps to make small eyes look bigger with the help of eye liner.

* Moisturize your eyes first of all with quality moisturizer. You can use concealer or compact powder to hide your dark circles.

* Now apply the primer its optional if you have oily lids then apply otherwise no need.

* Blend the primer nicely.


how-to-make-small-eyes-look-bigger-with-eye-liner- (1)

* Take the eyeliner and create a rough line of the thickness you want. I created an arc-shaped line with the thin eyeliner brush.

* Take the same thin eyeliner brush to fill the space you have created.

* Now, in the above step, you can see that the outer corner is not so thick as compared to the outer layer.So, I took a thick eye liner brush and increased the thickness of the eyeliner in the outer corner.

how-to-make-small-eyes-look-bigger-with-eye-liner- (2)

* Keeping the same brush, apply the eyeliner inwards on the lower lash line, starting from where the liner ends on the outer end of the upper lash line to form a ‘V’ kind of shape.

* You do not have to extend the liner on the upper lash line since we don’t want to have a dramatic eye look; just give a stroke on the lower side forming a ‘V’ pattern.

how-to-make-small-eyes-look-bigger-with-eye-liner- (3)

You can clearly see how big and deep my eyes look just by using a simple eye liner. Try this trick and let me know how your eyes turned big and beautiful.



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