How to Apply Mascara Perfectly


What is Mascara:

Mascara refers to eyelash cosmetic designed to darken, thicken, lengthen and define eyelashes as a way of enhancing ones eye looks to make them look much more beautiful. These powerful arsenals for women (and some men) are nothing new, as they have existed for many centuries. They common come in liquid, cake, cream or fibrous. They often contain ingredients such as pigments, oils, solvents, waxes, preservatives, etc.



One of the easiest ways to draw attention to your eyes and create fun, flirty looks is by adding mascara. Mascara is a key component to making your eyes stand out. Mascara has the ability to not only make your lashes darker; it also adds length and thickness. It doesn’t matter how wonderful your eye shadow looks, or what great techniques you have used, without great looking lashes no one will notice. Even if you don’t wear a lot of eyes shadow, adding mascara will bring depth to your eyes and open them up.


Learning the art of proper mascara application is a basic necessity for perfect eye makeup. We hardly realise there is a proper procedure for that perfect application. Keeping this in mind, here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to apply mascara.


Steps for Applying Mascara:

Step 1:

Start by curling the top lashes–I know it’s scary, but don’t do it and you may as well not wear mascara at all! Squeeze once at the base and hold for a few seconds.

Step 2:

Dot black eye pencil between lashes, applying from underneath. Then blend it with a liner brush.

Step 3:

Smush your mascara wand right in your lash base, shimmy it a few times, then pull it through, lifting it up and in toward your nose.


Step 4:

Next, hold the wand vertically and gently skim it across your lashes in a windshield-wiper motion. This fans them out and gets rid of any clumps on the tips.

Step 5:

Mascara on your bottom lashes finishes the look. Hold the brush vertically and lightly paint each lash; that way, it won’t smudge.

All done, want to add another coat later on for night? Wipe your mascara brush with a tissue before applying–it’ll prevent caking.

Fuller, thicker lashes are just a few brush strokes away! We hope these tricks and tips help you in getting the most from your lashes.



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