How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner


Are you looking for some simple steps for how to apply liquid eyeliner? Well if yes then we are sure that through this post you will get closer with the effortless and easy eye makeup tips for making your eyes look eye catching and attractive for others. In the below we are sharing some of the steps in order to give the answer that how to apply eyeliner.




1. In the very beginning just carry out all the makeup on the eyes that you have planned. Now apply the eye pencil over the eye bows with the gold eye shadow and the light foundation.

2. Now in the next step of the eye makeup tips take the pencil and lightly line your lids. This will be helpful in making the liquid eyeliner look out perfect over the eyes.

3. Now while applying eyeliner you must close the eyes and let them remain close until and unless it doesn’t get dry out.

4. Make sure that you always have to start the eyeliner application from the corner edges for making it look ideal for other eyes.


We are sure that through these steps all the women must have known the best steps for how to apply liquid eyeliner!


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