How to Apply Lipstick Correctly

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Lipstick makes you to look younger, beautiful, elegant and gorgeous. It helps in giving your lips and bigger and bolder look. Applying a lipstick perfectly on your lips is not an easy job. It needs some effort and practice. When it comes to the makeup, lipstick for sure come in this list.



How to apply lipstick correctly helps you in getting an idea about some tricks to wear lipstick flawlessly on your lips. These can also highlight the natural shape of your lips. You can also make rest of your make up simple and wear a bold lipstick shade to look great.


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There are some things that you can do no matter what kind of lipstick you are working with that will make the application process go a lot smoother. If you feel you just can’t face the world without your lippy, then here’s all the info you need to know how to apply the perfect lip liner and lipstick.

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* Make sure your lips are soft and smooth. You don’t want rough skin detracting from your carefully applied lipstick. If necessary take an old soft toothbrush and rub it gently over your lips to remove any dry flakes of skin.

* Apply a lip cream to soften and protect.

* Add a thin layer of foundation over the whole lip area. This not only evens out skin colour but also acts as a primer for the lipstick.

* Use a lip liner to define the edges of your lips and stop your lipstick from ‘bleeding’. Use either a totally neutral colour or one that matches your lipstick. Start from the centre of your top lip to one corner. Repeat on the other side of your top lip and then outline the bottom. It is possible to slightly enlarge the size of your lips by outlining outside of your natural lip line, but keep this as close as possible to keep it natural looking.

* To apply the lipstick itself, the best method is to use a specially designed lipbrush and load with colour from your lipstick. This gives you a more precise method of application. Relax your mouth and fill in your lips being careful not to go outside the liner.

* If you’d like a slightly deeper colour, then blot the lips with a tissue being careful not to smudge the lipstick and then apply a second coat of lipstick.

Finally check you haven’t left any lipstick on your teeth. You can prevent this happening by inserting a finger into your mouth, pursing your lips around your finger and then slowly removing it. Now that you know how to apply lipstick perfectly.


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