Hadiqa Kiani Fabric world is an newly opened brand of fabric to fulfill the needs of today’s fashion in a new way launched in 2013. Hadiqa Kiani Fabric world latest summer collection 2013 dresses were launched some time back. Lawn and chiffon clothes can be found in this collection.

This is an exclusive and premium fabric collection. Hence, you can find embroidered patches, borders and other such things in the collection in addition to long shirts fabric, shalwar and dupatta fabric. Overall, Hadiqa Kiani Fabric World latest summer collection 2013 dresses are unique and traditional at the same time.



hadiqa-kiani-latest-summer-collection-for-women- 02


hadiqa-kiani-latest-summer-collection-for-women- 03


hadiqa-kiani-latest-summer-collection-for-women- 04


hadiqa-kiani-latest-summer-collection-for-women- 05


hadiqa-kiani-latest-summer-collection-for-women- 06


hadiqa-kiani-latest-summer-collection-for-women- 07


hadiqa-kiani-latest-summer-collection-for-women- 08


hadiqa-kiani-latest-summer-collection-for-women- 09


hadiqa-kiani-latest-summer-collection-for-women- 10


hadiqa-kiani-latest-summer-collection-for-women- 11


hadiqa-kiani-latest-summer-collection-for-women- 12

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