Grapes The Brand Latest Summer Kurtas Collection For Girls


Grapes The Brand has been known as one of the newest and yet the most top famously growing fashion brands in Pakistan. Grapes The Brand is one of the newly founded fashion brand in our country.Grapes The Brand was emerged on the screen of fashion in year 2013 and this is a first collection of this fashion label.

Grapes has brought new and unique ideas through their collection. Recently, Grapes The Brand Latest Summer Kurtas Collection 2013 for girls has launched.In this beautiful collection, you will find simple stitched kurtas in long pattern.The colors used for this collection are bright such as red, yellow, brown, green and etc etc.



grapes-the-brand-latest-summer-kurtas-collection-for-girls- 02


grapes-the-brand-latest-summer-kurtas-collection-for-girls- 03


grapes-the-brand-latest-summer-kurtas-collection-for-girls- 04


grapes-the-brand-latest-summer-kurtas-collection-for-girls- 05


grapes-the-brand-latest-summer-kurtas-collection-for-girls- 06


grapes-the-brand-latest-summer-kurtas-collection-for-girls- 07


grapes-the-brand-latest-summer-kurtas-collection-for-girls- 08


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