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Latest Indian Funny Videos Compilation 2015


India have so many different states and religions. This video shows funny moments from all different states of India and if you are an Indian then this will definitely make you laugh.


Amazing Cooking Tricks


So you’ve started beefing up your cooking skills but the process is still a little tedious. Here are surprising cooking techniques that will save you a bunch of time not to mention wow your friends.


How to Unlock a Car Door with a Mobile Phone


What if you forgot your car keys and that key less entry remote banded to them how are you going to get in your car? Well, if you haven’t forgotten your cell phone, too, you can call up someone who has access to that key less remote, so you can unlock your car or truck via the wireless mobile phone.


Alia Bhatt Photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar Magazine July 2015

alia-bhatt-photoshoot-for-harper's-bazaar-magazine-july-2015- (3)

Bollywood Sweet Heart Alia Bhatt is the new cover face of Harper’s Bazaar Magazine July 2015. She is one of the most talented and cutest actor in Bollywood. Here are the pictures of her from the Harper’s Bazaar Magazine shoot.


American Artist Pony Reinhardt Creates Interesting Tattoos

american-artist-pony-reinhardt-creates-interesting-tattoos- (4)

These days it’s more common to have a tattoo than not and as changing societal norms make it acceptable for even the most clean-cut crews to be inked up, more and more folks are going under the gun.


Best Babies Dancing Compilation


These cute babies have all the best moves.


How to Read Minds


Learn how to read minds this technique is used by magicians like criss angel, david blane and david copperfield for mind reading tricks.


Goodbye In Different Languages


We asked our fans how they say goodbye in their language.


The Magic of Makeup

magic-of-makeup- (1)

Make-up artist whose name is Ravil Agmalov lives in St. Petersburg and is a master of his craft. He transforms the girls so that each of them can safely be placed on the cover of a glossy magazine! Watch.


Asus Releases Convertible Chromebook Flip C100

asus-chromebook-flip-c100- (9)

Introducing the all new asus chromebook flip C100 a touchscreen chromebook featuring a 360-degree hinge that enables it to function in a variety of modes instantly from a chromebook to a tablet or anything in between. There’s a spacious touch pad for intuitive multi-touch gesture control and with up to 9 hours of battery life you can use asus chromebook flip throughout the day.